Mitch Canter

Variety Streamer & Content Creator

You Matter. You Belong. You are Loved.

Hello, Fam! I'm Mitch...
Welcome to MitchCraft!

I am a variety streamer and content creator living in Nashville, TN. My mission is simple: to show God's love through entertaining and inspiring content. No strings attached.

Our family is The Coalition - named after a group of lions who (even though they weren't born in the same family) group up to help each other survive and thrive. That's what we're all about - a positive environment people can come together for inspiration and "Good Vibes". And maybe even a ridiculous meme or two 🙂

  No matter who you are, or what your situation is... God loves you. And because of that, you matter; you belong; and you will always be loved and welcome here.


Current Content Schedule

FFXIV Reset Day!

Variety Video

IRL / Bonus Game Stream

Subject to change. All Times Central Time. Bonus streams could happen anytime!
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Have a game you want to suggest? Have a business opportunity you want to discuss? Or just want to say hello? Drop Mitch a line below - he’ll do his best to answer as quckly as he can!