About CMDR Mitchcraft

Hello There! I’m CMDR Mitchcraft – aka, Mitch. I’ve been a content creator for over 17 years, from the early days of blogging to video and written content today. I love making content that’s both entertaining and educational. When I’m not crafting content, you can find me streaming on Twitch and producing exciting video content for my YouTube channel.

By day I’m a Director of Engineering and WordPress Developer with over 20 years of experience building websites and WordPress-based products for clients. I quickly found that clients needed a way to learn to use WordPress in an easy-to-follow manner, so I started writing blogs and creating video tutorials. Pretty soon, my passion for gaming was roped in, and I started streaming on Twitch several years ago. The rest is history.

I’m an internationally traveled speaker and teacher, having traveled the globe entertaining audiences and sharing knowledge with conferences and workshops. When you come into one of my streams or YouTube videos, you can expect easy-to-learn (and sometimes even entertaining) tutorials, guides, and how-tos – as well as funny moments from my regular Twitch streams.